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Conductive polymer aluminum electrolytic capacitor

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  • Hi-Cap is an electrolytic capacitor that uses a highly electric conductive polymer as it`s electrolyte. Hi-Cap has excellent temperature and load life characteristics due to adoption of stable polymer in high temperature. Compared to other electrolytic capacitor,the Hi-Cap is a low impedance capacitor suitable for high frequency marking it ideal for digital circuit.
  • Low impedance at high frequency (100kHz∼10MHz).
  • High ripple current due to reduced ESR
  • Excellent noise-absorbent characteristic
  • Very stable capacitance,impedance and ESR against temperature


  • Smoothing circuit of Power supply
  • Removing Noise
  • DC-DC Converter, Personal Computer, VCR, Digital Still Camera, Video Camera, Notebook, LCD Drive, etc
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Conductive polymer aluminum electrolytic capacitor